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When we get older, we are often subjected to a progressive decline of our cognitive abilities, including concentration and memory. Additional factors such as stress and anxiety amplify the cognitive decline by affecting many memory functions and cognitive functioning of the brain. All these factors have been closely linked to an increased brain oxidation, as well as a depletion of the natural brain antioxidant defenses.


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SOD B EXTRAMEL® helps to cope with mental fatigue and improves concentration and cognitive flexbility by fighting the age-related cognitive decline. SOD B EXTRAMEL® restores optimal body’s defenses and corrects the accumulation of oxidative toxins which are increasingly released in brain memory areas with aging.


The efficacy of SOD B EXTRAMEL® has been demonstrated in two randomized, double-blind placebo controlled clinical studies, performed on 131 people subjected to mental fatigue. Cognitive functions have been assessed by using the Stroop test, known to be one of the best tools for evaluating executive functions, especially cognitive flexibility. Taking SOD B EXTRAMEL® (at 10 mg/day) significantly improves concentration by 13.9% compared to a placebo after only 28 days. This effect is maintained and even emphasized after 84 days of supplementation.



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Carillon et al. 2014 Nutrients
Scores obtained according to the Stroop test, which evaluates mental performances. It measures selective attention, cognitive, flexibility and processing speed meaning.

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